The 10 ways to make money with SEO services or by starting your own business provide a comprehensive array of opportunities for individuals looking to leverage their SEO skills. From creating blogs and specialty websites to launching drop shipping businesses and providing SEO-related services such as keyword planning, copywriting, consulting, and virtual assistance, there are numerous avenues to explore. Building backlinks, working as an editor or proofreader, and producing digital products are additional options for generating income while utilizing SEO strategies. Each method offers its own unique advantages and potential for success, catering to different interests, skill sets, and business objectives.

If you’re ready to learn how to make money with SEO services or by starting your own business, here are 10 ways you can do so. Start now and find the best method for you.

1. Create a blog

A blog is a website whose purpose is to regularly update readers on a certain subject. Though they can cover a wide range of subjects, blogs often concentrate on one area of interest. The audience is drawn in because they anticipate reading and learning about that specific subject. You can start a blog about anything you are passionate about.

Understanding how to optimise SEO is essential for a successful blog, after which you can begin generating revenue. Because of your keyword research and ability to organically incorporate such terms into your writing, visitors are pulled to your site when they come across your blog post on a certain topic on Google.

Once they’re on your website, you can use affiliate marketing to get them to buy something, or you can sell them any number of things through your special tracking links. With a blog, you can earn money online in a variety of ways, but without SEO, you won’t succeed.

It can take some time for newly launched blogs to get traffic through SEO. Google’s algorithms take the website’s age into account. That doesn’t mean you should give up, though. Your blog can gain popularity if you are committed to content optimisation and consistently produce new information.

2. Launch a specialty website

A blog and a specialty website are comparable. This website focuses on extremely narrow subsets of a wider market. These websites tend to be less intimate than blogs and concentrate on providing useful content related to the subject.

In addition to selling digital goods like ebooks and courses, niche websites can profit via affiliate marketing, advertisements, and other sources. You’ll soon learn how to make money with SEO writing if you can use keyword research to drive traffic to a specialised website.

3. Launch a dropshipping company

Use Amazon FBA to launch your very own dropshipping company. You can use products as a dropshipping business to solve issues. Consider the range of products, spanning from A to Z, that are available on Amazon’s website. Customers’ problems are being resolved more quickly because to these products’ increased ease of delivery at their front door.

You must be able to write descriptions that illustrate how the products can meet the demands of your target audience, regardless of the products you decide to offer. This involves making the most of SEO in those product descriptions to maximise traffic, which in turn generates more revenue.

4. Become a keyword planner

One more approach to profit from SEO is to launch your own keyword planning company. Planners are paid by clients to conduct keyword research in their specific area. The customer receives the keywords from the planner and is free to utilise them as they see fit. This is a useful service to provide since it saves the client from having to spend time conducting the research themselves.

Learn the best practices so you can choose the ideal keywords for your customer. The more informed you are before providing this service, the more likely it is that the ideal customers will find you.

5. Work as an SEO Copywriter

Become a freelance writer who conducts keyword research for your client and organises the article material around that research to earn money with SEO writing. Because they invest more time in researching and comprehending their clients’ target demographic, SEO writers are able to charge more for their services.

6. Work as an SEO Advisor

Work your way up from humble beginnings to become a respected consultant who can bill clients up to $20 per hour for sharing SEO tactics.

Through her SEO tactics, Debbie Gartner, a well-known blogger known as The Flooring Girl, earns more than $200 per month. After coaching more than fifty bloggers on SEO, she was so busy that she had to make courses and ebooks to assist even more people with SEO.

7. Start Building Backlinks

Links pointing to your website that are posted on other blogs, websites, etc. are called backlinks. A backlink indicates to Google that your website contains important content, acting as a virtual vote for your website.

An SEO creates links for your website’s pages and articles that are optimised in order to build the best backlinks. The anchor text of the links informs Google about the subject matter of the material rather than merely utilising generic phrases such as “click here.”

8. Work as an Editor or Proofreader for SEO

Employ your SEO expertise to edit and manually proofread articles for other people. This applies SEO tactics prior to publication and adds a personal touch to the text. You have the option to bill by the project or per hour.

9. Work as an SEO Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy dealing with SEO, consider providing clients with various packages and acting as their virtual assistant. You may help them in many ways, and one of those methods is by working directly on each client’s live website to continuously optimise. You can customise each package to meet the specific demands of each client, allowing you to bill according to the services you provide.

10. Produce Digital Products Using SEO

Digital products are in high demand since they are simple to produce and provide clients with quick gratification through instant product delivery. Create digital items such as ebooks, paid membership groups, manuals, and so on using this strategy for SEO. Passive revenue could be produced by this.

The tricky thing about digital goods is that you have to establish your brand before customers would feel comfortable enough to purchase your offerings. They want evidence that you are knowledgeable about the subject and that their funds will be used wisely. Demonstrate your abilities by developing a portfolio, providing services, or launching a blog or specialised website that appears in Google searches.


In conclusion, mastering make money with SEO services opens the door to a multitude of income-generating opportunities in today’s digital landscape. By implementing effective SEO techniques across various platforms and services, individuals can not only enhance their online visibility but also monetize their expertise in diverse ways. Whether it’s through content creation, consulting, e-commerce, or digital product development, the potential for financial growth is significant for those who are willing to invest time and effort into honing their SEO skills. With dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking, anyone can embark on a lucrative journey towards financial success in the realm of SEO-driven entrepreneurship.